Table 1.

Passive and active parameters

UnitWT (no. of cells = 18)SCA1 (no. of cells = 38)t test
Passive parameters
    Access resistance23.651.1122.862.850.89NS
    Apparent membrane capacitancepF334.1425.17349.3218.740.63NS
    Membrane input resistance0.
    Resting membrane potentialmV−58.551.36−57.391.000.51NS
Action potential analysis (injected current = 0 pA)
    Ascending slopeV/s314.3132.70361.0017.020.17NS
    Descending slopeV/s−226.8427.57−235.5312.790.74NS
Action potential analysis (excitability recordings)
    Ascending slopeV/s368.5226.60420.3616.060.10NS
    Descending slopeV/s−277.0925.77−293.4914.980.56NS
    Excitability slopeHz/pA0.
  • Passive parameters and action potential analysis from patch-clamp recordings of Purkinje cells from 2- to 3-week-old WT and SCA1 mice.

  • NS, No significant difference (p > 0.05); **p < 0.01.