Table 2.

Voxel-based whole brain SPM analysis: Brain regions showing significant main effects in terms of hemodynamic responses to the presentation of emotional faces compared to neutral faces

Brain regionBALateralityCoordinatesCluster size (voxels)Z -value
Middle occipital gyrus18R/L38−84−41475.94*
Inferior occipital gyrus1944−78−65.38*
Middle occipital gyrus18−24−944224.65*
Lingual gyrus18R10−8222405.6*
Inferior temporal gyrus37L−48−66−6565.25*
Middle frontal gyrus8R/L541242645.11*
Superior parietal gyrus7R34−6254234.97*
Fusiform gyrus19R24−56−12494.81*
Inferior frontal gyrus47R5120−634.55*
Superior temporal gyrus/38−326−223324.29**
Inferior parietal lobule40L−50−4252424.03
Postcentral gyrus2L−62−2228133.65
Postcentral gyrus1L−58−2842133.43
Inferior frontal gyrus10R4646413.15
  • *p < 0.05, FWE cluster-level corrected across the whole brain with a voxel-level cut-off of p < 0.001.

  • **Survive small volume correction, p < 0.01, FWE cluster-level.

  • MNI coordinates denote the distance (in mm) from the anterior commissure, with positive x values indicating a location right of midline, positive y values indicating a location anterior to the anterior commissure, and positive z values indicating a location dorsal to a plane containing both the anterior and the posterior commissures. R, Right; L, left; BA, Brodmann area; N/A, Not Applicable.