Table 1.

Parameter values used in the simulations unless otherwise noted

C10 pFMembrane capacitance
gCa2 nSMaximal conductance of Ca2+ channels
VCa60 mVReversal potential for Ca2+
vm−20 mVVoltage value at midpoint of m
sm12 mVSlope parameter of m
gK3.2 nSMaximal conductance of K channels
VK−75 mVReversal potential for K+
vn−5 mVVoltage value at midpoint of n
sn10 mVSlope parameter of n
τn30 msTime constant of n
gSK2 nSMaximal conductance of SK channels
ks0.4 μm[Ca] at midpoint of s
gBK0–1 nSMaximal conductance of BK channels
vf−20 mVVoltage value at midpoint of f
sf2 mVSlope parameter of f
τBK2–10 msTime constant of f
gl0.2 nSLeak conductance
Vl−50 mVReversal potential for the leak current
Anoise4 pAAmplitude of noise current
fc0.01Fraction of free Ca2+ ions in cytoplasm
α0.0015 μm fC−1Conversion from charges to molar concentration
kc0.12 ms−1Rate of Ca2+ extrusion