Table 2.

Analysis of ESNP transplants

Case numberSurvival (days)Graft locationCells characterized by electrophysiologyImmunohistochemistry
SE 011510-0670DG and hilusNot doneYes
SE 011810-0291DG and OMLNot doneYes
SE 011810-0491OMLNot doneYes
SE 112309-0472DG and hilus31 (DG), 32 (DG)Not done
SE 041410-0181Hilus25, 26, 27 (H), 28Not done
SE 041410-0655OML1 (H), 2, 3 (OML)Not done
SE 041410-0776OMLNo accessNot done
SE 041410-1262CA39, 10Not done
SE 041910-0257Hilus5 (H), 6, 7 (H), 8 (H)Yes
SE 041910-0371Hilus and CA118 (H), 19 (CA1), 20, 21Yes
SE 041910-0675OML22, 23 (OML), 24 (OML)Not done
SE 041910-0880OML29 (OML), 30Not done
SE 041410-0956OML4 (OML)Not done
SE 041910-1067OML11, 12 (OML), 13, 14Yes
SE 041910-1268Hilus15 (H), 16, 17Yes
  • One mouse (SE 041910-04) was excluded from the study because of a tumor. Animal identification was assigned as the date of pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus. DG, Dentate gyrus granule cell layer; OML, outer molecular layer; H, hilus.