Table 3.

Result summary of the hypotheses-driven planned comparisons (t test) for the bilateral thalamus and caudate nucleus (Study 2), with overview of required critical p values

ROICortisol − placebotdfppa for α < 5%
Thalamus, left and right
    0–7 min−13.453−3.32980.005*0.0063
    10–17 min−3.760−0.75380.2360.0167
    20–27 min−0.768−0.11080.4570.0500
Caudate nucleus, left and right
    0–7 min−6.763−1.62580.0710.0071
    10–17 min−4.090−0.85080.2100.0125
    20–27 min−0.459−0.12580.4510.0250
  • aCritical p value of Bonferoni–Holm correction for eight Student's t tests.

  • *Significant for p < 0.05, corrected.