Table 2.

fMRI group activation statistics

BAAnatomical locationTalairach (peak) coordinateCluster size (voxel)z scorePeak voxel p value
Funny > Neutral
    39/40Left temporo-occipital-parietal junction−44−691131155.08<0.0005
    37/40/18Right temporo-occipital-parietal junction44−60731004.98<0.0005
*Right midbrain (including substantia nigra) and thalamus*16−23−22493.86<0.0005
Funny > Positive
    39/40Left superior temporal gyrus and supramarginal gyrus−51−541218655.34<0.0005
    22/40Right superior temporal gyrus and supramarginal gyrus50−421314644.64<0.0005
Positive > Neutral
    39/19/20Right inferior and middle temporal gyrus50−5878874.80<0.0005
    37/19Left temporo-occipital-parietal junction−48−6459674.31<0.0005
    40Right inferior parietal61−28278684.36<0.0005
    40Left inferior parietal−55−33337724.27<0.0005
    19/7/5Left precuneus and postcentral gyrus30−68386414.08<0.0005
  • Unless otherwise noted, all group analyses are presented with a peak-level threshold of p < 0.001 uncorrected, with a cluster-level threshold of p < 0.05 FWE corrected.

  • *The midbrain cluster was marginally significant at p = 0.094 FWE corrected.