Table 2.

Treatments used for the different experimental groups

ExperimentEnrichment odorsDrugs used during the enrichmentSize of group
1No odorSaline10
1No odorLabetalol (25 mg/kg, i.p.)10
1+/−LimoneneLabetalol (25 mg/kg, i.p.)10
1No odorDexefaroxan (0.63 mg/kg, i.p.)10
2No odorDexefaroxan (0.63 mg/kg, i.p.) + saline intracerebral infusion15
2No odorDexefaroxan (0.63 mg/kg, i.p.) + AraC intracerebral infusion15
  • Experiment 1: Animals were submitted to a 10 d +/−limonene enrichment period or were not enriched. In parallel, to modulate the noradrenergic system, animals were injected with saline solution, dexefaroxan, or labetalol. Experiment 2: Animals infused with AraC or Saline solution in the subventricular zone were treated during a 10 d period with dexefaroxan in the absence of odorant.