Table 1.

Regions exhibiting event-related localizer and pretraining/posttraining differences

RegionCenter of gravity
Cluster Size (voxels)XYZt(10)p-uncp-FDR
Pre 0 > Post 0 ∩ event-related localizer
    Right posterior superior temporal sulcus7762−34−43.830.0033130.00994
Pre 300 > Post 300 ∩ event-related localizer
    Right medial superior cerebellum (culmen)16236−60−323.340.0074340.029555
    Right posterior superior temporal sulcus5052−22−103.230.0089870.029555
    Right cuneus34−76230.0134340.029555
    Left superior temporal gyrus2−46−34122.890.0162330.029761
  • Regions listed are identified as an overlap of synchrony- and training-responsive areas. p values listed are reported before and after cluster-wise FDR correction for multiple comparisons.