Table 2.

Significantly elevated power modulation, by muscle and behavior type

Auricularis (ear)14.52.5, 3.5–10
Frontalis (brow)2.5–3.54.5
Zygom. (cheek)1.5–2, 3.5–6.5, 112–10, 11–11.53.5–4.5, 6.5, 8–11, 12.5–15
Orb. Oris (lips)2–72–2.5
Mentalis (chin)2–2.5, 3.5–4.5, 6–8.5, 10.52–5.511.5–12
  • For each rhythmic behavioral type, some muscles showed rhythmic modulations that increased relative to background. This table indicates the 1/2 Hz frequency bins in which these increases exceeded the range observed in 95% of baseline samples (two-tailed). Zygom., Zygomaticus; Orb. Oris, Orbicularis Oris.