Table 1.

Neural correlates of bids during the evaluation period in NATURAL trials and conjunction with correlates of liking ratings

RegionBAkZ scorexyz
Correlates of NATURAL bid
    R Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex10/46463.4242510
    R Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex10/46844.77483624
    L Rostral anterior cingulate cortex9/322824.95−63021
    L Ventral anterior cingulate/ventromedial prefrontal cortex11/32*4.13−327−12
    L Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex10/461154.38−422727
    L Anterior insula13503.91−3315−3
    R Posterior cingulate cortex23854.553−3027
    R Inferior temporal gyrus20494.0854−42−18
    L Precuneus7/192364.52−27−6342
    R Inferior parietal lobule403273.9524−6336
Conjunction with liking ratings
    R Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex10/46244.0942486
    R Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex10/46484.38453927
    R Rostral anterior cingulate cortex9/3283.9893921
    L Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex10/46634.55−423627
    L Ventral anterior cingulate/ventromedial prefrontal cortex11/32133.89−3363
    L Rostral anterior cingulate cortex9/3253.74−62715
    L Anterior insula13233.93−27186
    R Posterior cingulate cortex23183.616−3030
    R Inferior parietal lobule40524.6654−4260
    R Inferior temporal gyrus20253.9363−45−15
    R Inferior parietal lobule40143.6245−8130
  • Note: Clusters for bid are reported at p < 0.05, WBC (p < 0.001, uncorrected; minimum extent k = 40 voxels). Clusters for the conjunction are reported if they passed a voxel threshold of p < 0.05, WBC for the bid contrast and p < 0.001, uncorrected for the liking rating contrast, with a minimum overlap of >5 voxels.

  • * Indicates distinct peak within larger area.