Table 2.

Individual subject data in scene learning for monkeys illustrated in Figure 3

ACh depletion then fornix transection
Fornix transection then ACh depletion
    Case 13.2912.577.86
    Case 211.9333.7923.86
    Case 313.4328.7125
ACh depletion then mammillary bodies lesion
    Case 43.575.1429.86
    Case 55.077.2126.21
    Case 69.8623.7142.14
Mammillary bodies lesion then ACh depletion
    Case 72.6422.514.79
    Case 87.0720.4320.93
    Case 92.1411.1412.29
  • Each value represents the mean errors in trials 2–8 of scene learning for each phase (Pre-op, Post1, Post2) for each case. Data from the first group of monkeys are taken from Browning et al. (2009) and those cases are designated as in that paper (ACh1-3). Cases from the present study are designated 1 to 9, as in Table 1.