Table 4.

Regression analyses between remember and know responses and weight-adjusted dose of l-DOPA

Hit rateQuadraticLinear
Early test
    Remember reward0.5870.5630.0430.1700.6830.006
    Remember no reward5.0280.014*0.2797.4630.011*0.217
    Know reward1.4980.2420.1032.9860.0950.100
    Know no reward0.6520.5290.0480.9500.3380.034
Delayed test
    Remember reward0.3650.6980.0270.6200.4380.022
    Remember no reward5.2050.013*0.2860.0880.7690.003
    Know reward0.3300.7220.0250.6630.4230.024
    Know no reward1.4900.2440.1030.0940.7620.003
  • There was a significant quadratic relationship between dose and early and delayed remember responses for neutral items. A linear relationship was also seen for early remember responses for neutral items.

  • *p < 0.05.