Table 2.

Experiment 2: remapping of hand-centered space onto the owned rubber hand

Anatomical locationMNI coordinatesPeak
xyzt valuep value
R. anterior IPS/postcentral junction56−30505.470.005
L. precentral gyrus (PMv)−504365.480.007
R. precentral gyrus (PMv)50−4383.900.042
L. putamen−20605.340.009
R. putamen2012−85.090.037
R. lateral parietal operculum48−10245.40<0.001*
L. IPS−28−74503.90<0.001*
L. supramarginal gyrus−60−28343.730.001*
  • *Uncorrected for multiple comparisons. [(Synchfirst vs Synchsecond) vs (Asynchfirst vs Asynchsecond)].