Table 3.

Relationship between decisions and consensus/individual preference effects

Consensus + individual preference
Att consensus0.48*** (0.11)
Like consensus0.18 (0.11)
Att individual preference0.09 (0.07)
Like individual preference0.17** (0.07)
Accuracy (%)63.6 (1.1)
  • β weights for hierarchical multiple regression of consensus and individual preference effects for Att and Like ratings on speed-dating decisions within scanning participants (N = 39). Parenthetical values are SEEs. Intercept not shown for clarity. Consensus, Average rating for partner over all participants; individual preference, participant's rating for partner–consensus effect for partner; BIC, Bayesian information criterion; Accuracy, leave-one-out cross-validated model accuracy (parenthetical value is SEM accuracy).

  • ***p < 0.001;

  • **p = 0.01.