Table 3.

BOLD signals related to the rewarding component of social feedback: parametric analysis—feedback ratings

SideBrodmann areaPeak voxel MNI coordinates (mm)Cluster size (voxels at p < 0.0001)p (cluster FWE corrected)Peak z score
Feedback rating (trial-by-trial correlation): self > other
    ACC/mid-cingulate cortex/MPFCL/R32/24/9/1033225414< 0.0015.56
    Ventral striatum (caudate head and putamen)R125−871< 0.0014.73
    Ventral striatum (caudate head and putamen)L−152−11250.0174.50
    Lingual gyrusL18−3−73−5260.0154.31
    Calcarine fissureL/R183−8213290.0114.13
    Mid-cingulate cortexL/R240−1943250.0174.06
  • All reported clusters are familywise error (FWE) corrected for multiple comparisons at p < 0.05; cluster-defining threshold of p < 0.0001. ACC, anterior cingulate cortex; MPFC, medial prefrontal cortex.