Table 1.

Generators of the incongruency response of the audiovisual modality and the MMN responses of the auditory and visual modalities

ModalityLocation of activationCoordinatesPeak voxel t(28) valueCluster size
AudiovisualAnterior cingulate cortex−1038104.573927
Right middle frontal gyrus4448183.38268
Right cingulate gyrus0−2483.25326
Left inferior frontal gyrus−5218123.20210
Right supramarginal gyrus60−32403.17210
AuditoryRight superior frontal gyrus3848324.991947
Left middle frontal gyrus−2830424.187527
Right superior temporal gyrus52−8103.434561
VisualLeft fusiform gyrus−38−76−183.731257
Right fusiform gyrus50−60163.55452
Cingulate cortex6−4463.15547