Table 1.

Ranges of values of maximal synaptic conductances used in simulations

Synaptic conductanceMaximal g per synapse (mS/cm2)Reversal potential
Onto p-cellsOnto I-cells
AMPA0.04/Np*0.5/Np*0 mV
NMDA1–99.7/Np0.3/Np0 mV
External input20.25/Np0 mV
GABAA0.1–3.2/NI0−70 mV
GABAB/KIR0–102.4/NI0−90 mV
  • *The values of maximal AMPA conductances in the table do not apply where noted that AMPA scaled with NMDA. In simulations where AMPA scaled with NMDA, gAMPA = gNMDA/2 for pyramidal-to-pyramidal connections and gAMPA = gNMDA/16 for pyramidal-to-interneuron connections.