Table 1.

Regional changes in mice exposed to cocaine during adolescence

Brain regionDirectionHemisphere
Orbital frontal cortexIncreaseRight
Striatum (anterior)IncreaseRight
Striatum (posterior)DeceaseBilateral
Nucleus accumbensDeceaseBilateral
Anterior cingulate cortexDecreaseBilateral
Ventral pallidumDecreaseBilateral
Medial forebrain bundleDecreaseBilateral
Insular cortexDecreaseBilateral
Cortical amygdaloid areaDecreaseBilateral
Substantia nigraIncreaseBilateral
Anterior olfactory areaIncreaseRight
Corpus callosumIncreaseBilateral
Rhinal cortexDecreaseBilateral
Piriform cortexDecreaseRight
  • Brain regions where volumetric differences were observed following cocaine exposure during adolescence. Direction of change refers to cocaine exposed mice relative to saline exposed mice. Changes were observed at the voxel level after correcting for multiple comparisons with 5% FDR correction. See Figure 1 for visualization of these data.