Table 2.

Properties of EPSPs measured from CA1 pyramidal neurons

Naive (n = 10)Pseudo (n = 9)Conditioned (n = 10)
Input/output4.42 ± 0.524.71 ± 0.384.68 ± 0.49
EPSP rise slope0.38 ± 0.030.38 ± 0.040.39 ± 0.03
EPSP summation (mV*s)8.55 ± 1.0110.64 ± 1.269.82 ± 1.02
  • EPSP properties were recorded in the presence of GABA blockers. Input/output was measured as the slope of the line of the normalized stimulation intensity and the amplitude of the EPSP. EPSP rise slope is the rise slope of the largest subthreshold EPSP. EPSP summation is measured as the area of five subthreshold EPSPs delivered at 50 Hz from stimulation initiation to return to baseline membrane potential. None of these measures were significantly altered by learning. n, Number of neurons.