Table 1.

Statistical significance for all conditions compared in the single data set represented in Figure 1

MockMock + W-7Mock + KN-93RNAiRNAi + W-7RNAi + KN-93
Mock + W-7**NS***NS**
Mock + KN-93*NS**NS*
RNAi + W-7**NSNS*****
RNAi + KN-93NS******
  • In Tables 15: Statistical tables showing the total number of neurons per condition and the significance of all conditions from one another for all experiments/figures in which multiple graphs are used to represent data.

  • *p < 0.05;

  • **p < 0.01;

  • ***p < 0.001. NS, Not significant. Data within each table are the combination of three to four independent experiments, each of which contained every condition within that table. See figure legends for the statistical test used.