Table 1.

Number and size of face areas examined

Number of sessions (N)Voxel number (mean ± SEM)Voxel count range
All face areas202000 ± 341113–5541
Posterior face areas(OFA, FFA, fSTS)181636 ± 31877–5400
Anterior face areas (fAT)17267 ± 9513–1507
Motor cortex (control)207218 ± 4572415–8199
Early visual cortex (control)202022 ± 154636–3325
  • The number of sessions for which each face-selective region could be identified and the mean size of each region are listed. Regions examined included posterior face areas (OFA, FFA, and fSTS), anterior face areas (small clusters in the anterior temporal lobe, fAT), and two control sites (motor cortex and early visual cortex). In most cases, regions were bilateral.