Table 3.

List of location and process classifications with brief descriptions of each. All locations are determined by the starting area of the phenomenon that is observed

    Brain stemEncompasses the spinal cord, medulla, and mesencephalon
    CerebellumThe presumptive cerebellum
    Limbic systemAmygdala, hippocampus, septum, olfactory bulbs, olfactory, subicular, and entorhinal cortex
    ThalamusAll thalamic nuclei
    StriatumGlobus pallidus, caudate nucleus
    Whole brainGross brain growth
    Whole organismBehavioral events
    Sensory peripheryPeripheral nervous system
    RetinaRetina, retinal ganglion cells
    NeurogenesisCell cycle exit for any group of cells
    Axon extensionWhen axons arrive at targets, form synapses, axon growth
    SegregationDifferentiation of a population of cells
    GABA cortexGABAergic cells that have origins in the striatum or isocortex
    Subtractive eventCell death
    Retinal wavesPatterns of developing retinal activity
    Synapse EliminationDecrease in synapse numbers
    SensorimotorBehavioral or reflexive event
    Brain growthGross brain development
    MyelinationFirst wrap of a glial cell around a neuron
    ElectrophysiologyOnset of electrical activity