Table 1.

Periods of successful decoding

Stimulus featureStimulus onset at 0 msStimulus offset at 1000 ms
Decoding onsetDecoding offsetDecoding onsetDecoding offset
SF51 (50–53)262 (247–287)1060 (1057–1067)1219 (1202–1239)
OR65 (58–72)193 (174–261)1098 (1090–1106)1123 (1115–1179)
RD298 (284–313)841 (772–863)
  • The numbers refer to latencies (in milliseconds) at which decoding emerged above (decoding onset) and returned back to (decoding offset) chance level at stimulus onset and offset. The values were obtained using a one-tailed t test against an empirical baseline estimated from the [−300 ms, 0] interval (see Material and Methods). Each entry gives the median and the 95% CI from the bootstrap distribution.