Table 1.

Patient information table

Patient no.GenderAgeElectrodesLocation
1M2849LH: Tem, Occ, Fro; RH: Tem, Fro
2M4547LH: Tem Fro; RH: Tem, Fro
3F1871RH: Tem, Par, Occ
4F4141LH: Tem; RH: Tem, Par, Fro
5F3353LH: Tem Fro; RH: Tem, Fro
6M3666RH: Tem, Fro, Par, Occ
7F1661LH: Tem, Fro, Par, Occ
  • Electrodes, Number of electrodes analyzed after subtraction of trigger electrodes (used to synchronize the stimuli and ECoG recordings) and electrodes with bad leads; LH, left hemisphere; RH, right hemisphere; Tem, temporal; Occ, occipital; Fro, frontal; Par, parietal; M, male; F, female.