Table 3.

Self-reported age of acquisition and extent of current exposure to English and Spanish for the low-MaternalEd and high-MaternalEd groupsa

Age of acquisition (years)Current exposureAge of acquisition (years)Current exposure
Low-MaternalEd3.13 (SD, 2.35)75.75% (SD, 1.21%)3.28 (SD, 2.42)20.33% (SD, 20.39%)
High-MaternalEd2.31 (SD, 2.35)81.84% (SD, 1.17%)3.74 (SD, 2.96)14.67% (SD, 17.63%)
  • aLanguage background was assessed using the Language Experience and Proficiency Questionnaire (LEAP-Q; Marian et al., 2007). The low and high groups did not differ in terms of their current daily exposure to English or Spanish, nor did they differ in the age that English and/or Spanish was acquired. All comparisons, p > 0.05.