Table 1.

Recovery rate of E2 (100 nm) through microdialysis probesa

E2 recovery through probe membrane (number of experiments)Peak recovery rate (%)
Anterodialysis/E2 uptake from reservoir (n = 3)13.13 ± 2.39
Retrodialysis/E2 infusion (n = 3)10.81 ± 0.52
  • aThe recovery rate of E2 was assessed in vitro by (1) infusing artificial CSF through microdialysis probes placed in a reservoir containing E2 at 100 nm while dialysates were continuously collected at 10 min intervals or (2) infusing E2 at 100 nm for 20 min through microdialysis probes into a reservoir containing artificial CSF, with the reservoir changed every 10 min.