Table 4.

EB (100 nm) conversion to E2 in vitro

Conditions tested for EB to E2 conversionTotal number of cases examinedNumber of cases with E2 peak presentPeak E2 levels (pg/ml)Conversion rate (%)
Artificial CSF30na0
Monkey plasma30na0
Monkey CSF4275, 900.28, 0.52
Hypothalamic tissues3120.02
  • Because E2 increases induced by EB infusion could be due to hydrolysis and/or conversion of EB by an endogenous esterase, we conducted a series of validation experiments. We infused EB at 100 nm for 20 min (2 μl/min speed) through a microdialysis probe in 1) artificial CSF, 2) monkey plasma, or 3) monkey CSF obtained by spinal tap, while dialysates were continuously collected.