Table 4.

Typical ion concentrations used in different in vitro models of SPW HFOs

ArticleSpeciesAgeSlice width (μm)Slice recovery/recordingKClKH2PO4NaH2PO4MgSO4MgCl2CaCl2
Viereckel et al., 2013C57 mice4–8 weeks450Interface/interface31.251.81.6
Maier et al., 2003C57 mice4–12 weeks450Interface/interface31.251.81.6
Holderith et al., 2011CD1 mice14–26 days350–400Interface/submerged2.51.2522
Behrens et al., 2005W rat5–8 weeks400–12°Interface/?
Sun et al., 2012C57 mice3–5 weeks400–12.7°Submerged/submerged3.51.241.32
Norimoto et al., 2012C57 mice400–12.7°Submerged/submerged3.51.241.22
Kubota et al., 2003SD rat4 weeks350Interface/interface31.2513
Colgin et al., 2004SD rat4–5 weeks350Interface/interface31.2531
Foffani et al., 2007SD rat6–7 weeks350Submerged/interface41.211
Papatheodoropoulos, 2008W rat4–6 weeks500–550Interface/interface41.2522
Kanak et al., 2013C57 mice4–21 months400Interface/interface31.41.32.5
Hájos et al., 2009W rat/CD1 mice14–20 days400–450Interface and submerged/same31.2513
Ellender et al., 2010W rat14–24 days400Interface/submerged31.2513
Simeone et al., 2013C3HeB/FeJ mice30–45 days350?/submerged3X1.252.5X2.4
Maier et al., 2009C57 mice4–8 weeks400Submerged/submerged2.511.32.5
Maier et al., 2012C57 mice4–8 weeks400Interface/submerged2.511.32.5
Wu et al., 2009C57BL/6 mice21 days to 4 months500Submerged/submerged3.51.251.32
  • NaCl concentration ranged from 124 to 129 mm. Glucose concentration was 10 mm in all cases. NaHCO3 concentration ranged from 21 to 26 mm.