Table 1.

Brain regions showing significant hemodynamic increase to moral valence of actions performed by othersa

ContrastBrain regionMNI coordinatesCluster sizeT
Bad > good
R supramarginal gyrus58−322413907.54
L insula−52641224.15
L supramarginal gyrus−54−322212338.67
L midcingulate−12−28421454.87
R midcingulate14−2840103.37
L superior parietal lobule−22−5668664.41
R superior frontal gyrus14−474454.15
L hippocampus−20−12−1073.46
R hippocampus38−10−1853.38
Good > bad
R middle temporal58−2−24473.92
L middle temporal−56−2−241465.38
L inferior temporal−56−44−183805.40
R inferior temporal56−54−16833.83
L inferior frontal−4640−106057.02
R inferior frontal3432−14813.82
R dlPFC4648127994.68
L dlPFC−40104812577.00
L precuneus−2−60302304.30
L insula−34−20181414.51
R insula36−622303.69
L caudate−18−224353.49
R caudate18222293.70
L superior medial frontal−4284011025.22
R superior frontal2422581523.75
  • aVoxel-wise FDR: q < 0.001. R, Right; L, left.