Table 3.

MNI coordinates of maxima of volume differences for whole-brain ANOVA

MNI coordinatesAnatomical regionBAZ
Main effect of sensory experience
    Hearing > deafGMV differences
0−73−11L. lingual gyrus183.24
−50−67−51L. cerebellum3.63
−36−58−57L. cerebellum2.74
−40−7−30L. fusiform gyrus204.23
8−7545R. precuneus73.17
4−6018R. posterior cingulate233.01
WMV differences
−42−247L. superior temporal gyrusa414.25
    Deaf > hearingGMV differences
−51−16−12L. middle temporal gyrus213.29
−206816L. superior frontal gyrus103.08
442−27R. middle temporal gyrus213.47
223628R. superior frontal gyrusb103.72
WMV differences
No significant clusters
Main effect of language experience
    ASL > EnglishGMV differences
−122337L. cingulate gyrus323.31
−2041−11L. middle frontal gyrus113.63
−34827L. middle frontal gyrus113.27
16−6445R. precuneus73.63
0−3352R. medial frontal gyrusc63.63
331828R. middle frontal gyrus94.10
3433−17R. inferior frontal gyrus473.34
WMV differences
−15−1873L. precentral gyrus63.31
542012R. inferior frontal gyrus453.43
    English > ASLGMV differences
No significant clusters
WMV differences
No significant clusters
Interaction: sensory experience × language experience
GMV differences
−45−4−23L. middle temporal gyrus212.87
−121419L. caudate4.42
45−4019R. insulad133.76
38−942R. precentral gyrus63.76
183533R. medial frontal gyrus93.76
WMV differences
−3−66−38L. cerebellum3.21
−50−7−8L. superior temporal gyrus213.95
−42399L. inferior frontal gyrus454.25
56−12−27R. fusiform gyruse203.75
44−1248R. precentral gyrus63.81
  • Clusters surviving a nonstationary correction at p < 0.05 are listed in boldface.

  • aCluster extends into the transverse temporal gyrus.

  • bCluster extends into the middle and medial frontal gyri.

  • cCluster extends into the paracentral lobule.

  • dCluster extends into the supramarginal gyrus.

  • eCluster extends into the inferior and middle temporal gyri.