Table 1.

Patient informationa

Patient no.Age (yr)Time (yr) since surgeryICARS
P (maximum 34)K (maximum 52)S (maximum 6)O (maximum 8)Total (maximum 100)
CP 128300000
CP 222510012
CP 332600000
CP 42117142629
CP 5261031004
CP 6211232016
CP 7611110001
CP 8181334007
CP 944635108
CP 1036500000
CP 11204450312
CP 12231445009
CP 1339301001
CP 1423800000
CP 152414370414
CP 161916350614
CP 17251622004
  • aClinical scores were rated using the ICARS score (Trouillas et al., 1997). The table lists the total ICARS scores and the subscores for gait and posture (P), limb kinetics (K), speech (S), and oculomotor functions (O). Higher scores indicate more severe ataxia. Maximum scores are given in parentheses. Clinical ataxia symptoms, as scored by the ICARS, were not correlated with either the APCIdx or the baseline NTV. More detailed analyses of the relevant subscores of the ICARS for kinetic disturbances also revealed no significant correlation (all Kendall's tau < 0.3, all p > 0.2 for the ICARS score and subscores).