Table 1.

General characteristics of PD patients

Case no.Age at death/genderClinical diagnosis (duration of disease, years)PD medicationPrimary cause of deathBrain pathologyPostmortem (death to autopsy) interval, h
182/FiPD (8)Levodopa/carbidopaRespiratory failureSN cell loss + LB8.5
282/FiPD (18)Levodopa/benserazide, amantadine (none for 1 month before death)Respiratory failuremarked SN/LC cell loss + LB8
366/FiPD (13)Levodopa/carbidopa (last dose 2 weeks before death)Colon cancermild to moderate SN/LC cell loss + LB6
476/MiPD (10)Levodopa/benserazide (last dose just before death)Cardiovascular failuremoderate to marked SN/LC cell loss + LB9
584/MiPD (16)Levodopa/carbidopa (last dose 1 h before death)Cardiac failuremarked SN/LC cell loss + LB5
668/MiPD (23)Levodopa/carbidopa, amantadine, bromocriptinePulmonary embolism, cardiac arrestmarked SN/LC cell loss + LB20
  • iPD, Idiopathic PD; LB, Lewy body; SN, substantia nigra; LC, locus coeruleus.