Table 4.

Correlations between speech production and semantic/comprehension tests and FA in the frontal speech and ventral language tracts in PPA

FASpeech production scoreSemantic association (PPTP)Word comprehension (PPVT)
Left frontal speech tracts
    BA44-SMAc (pre-SMA)0.720.000*−0.030.87−0.150.46
    BA6vPMC-SMAc (SMA proper)0.560.004*−0.110.58−0.380.06
Left ventral language tracts
    Anterior ILF−0.080.670.720.000*0.630.000*
  • *Significant correlations in PPA variants at p < 0.05.

  • PPTP, Pyramids and Palm Trees Test–Picture Version; PPVT, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test–Revised.