Table 1.

The mean proportions and the reaction times of subjects' responses

GroupConditionProportion (%)Reaction time (ms)
HonestOp Win50.16.6496103
Op Loss49.96.656998
No-Op Win49.96.050398
No-Op Loss50.16.0571134
LV-Op Win49.67.249898
LV-Op Loss50.47.2604108
AmbiguousOp Win67.12.0602144
Op Loss32.92.0719171
No-Op Win50.55.0594117
No-Op Loss49.55.0639143
LV-Op Win52.46.6624178
LV-Op Loss47.66.6732152
DishonestOp Win83.68.8539148
Op Loss16.48.8775365
No-Op Win50.85.9477111
No-Op Loss49.25.9559179
LV-Op Win55.918.8584248
LV-Op Loss44.118.8608191
  • Op, Opportunity; LV, low-value.