Table 1.


NTalairach positionFreqTime (ms)t statCohen's D
R ATC7451.3 (8.4)−9.4 (27.3)−14.6 (17.8)Theta−1500 to −10005.740.54
L IFG40−43.5 (5.2)50.6 (6.7)9.3 (7.4)HFA−250 to −7503.920.66
L MTL63−35.6 (7.9)−25.1 (6.4)−20.3 (4.6)HFA−250 to −7503.860.45
L VLTC60−65.7 (3.8)−41.3 (9.5)−7.9 (8.5)HFA−500 to 04.470.63
R Motor4853.4 (7.1)−0.2 (6.6)40.8 (13.1)HFA−500 to 05.390.72
R MTL6128.1 (6.3)−18.2 (5.3)−20.0 (5.7)HFA−500 to 04.680.69
  • For each ROI, the Talairach position (in mm along the x-, y-, and z-dimensions), frequency band that is elevated in the region during retrieval, the time that the effect first appears, and the t statistic and effect size (Cohen's D) comparing retrieval to baseline is shown. SDs across patients is shown in parentheses. N, Number of patients in each ROI; L, left; R, right; Motor, motor region; Freq, frequency; stat, statistic.