Table 3.

Regions with a significant decrease in fMRI signal for increasing prospective gains at the time of the motor task (p < 0.001, uncorrected)

Brain regionLateralityPeak Talairach coordinates (mm)Peak t value
Striatum (nucleus accumbens, ventral putamen)*R1811−84.58
Striatum (nucleus accumbens, ventral putamen)*L−1814−114.32
Occipital cortexR30−85195.55
Occipital cortexL−24−88195.15
Parietal cortexR63−19375.05
Parietal cortexL−12−55644.90
Supplementary motor cortexL−18−7734.88
Globus pallidusR24−13−24.67
Cingulate cortexL−65464.61
Dorsolateral prefrontal cortexL−3647284.46
Primary motor cortexL60−19403.84
  • At the time of the motor task, no regions showed increasing activity for increasing prospective gains. Statistically significant activations are those found in a priori regions of interest (familywise error, *p < 0.05) and those regions that survive whole-brain correction for multiple comparisons (at *p < 0.05). Laterality - right (R); left (L); central (C).