Table 1.

Parts list for head-fixed eyeblink conditioning apparatus

Label in Figure 1ItemQuantitySupplierPart number
Treadmill system
    1Breadboard for mounting all hardware1ThorlabsMB12
    21-inch-diameter post (3 or 6 inch length)2ThorlabsRS3/RS6
    3Clamps for 1/4 inch rod2Custom-made
    4½-inch-diameter post (6 inch length)2ThorlabsTR6
    5Right-angle mounts for ½-inch-diameter posts2ThorlabsRA90
    61/2 inch brass or steel rods2Custom-made
Head plate (1 × Embedded Image × Embedded Image inches)1/mouseCustom-made
Screws for fixing head plate to skull2–3Amazon (Antrin)AMS120/1F
Screws for attaching head plate to brass rods2McMaster-Carr91735A003
    10Foam cylinder1Amazon (Exervo)TERANOVA
    11¼-inch-diameter aluminum rod1McMaster-Carr9061K33
    12Ball bearings for cylinder2McMaster-Carr3759T37
Ethernet card for camera communications1IntelPWLA8391GT PRO/1000 GT PCI
    7High-speed camera1Allied Vision TechnologiesGE680
Lens for camera1TamronTAM-23FM25-L
Extension tubes for lens11stVisionLE-EX-10
    8Infrared light source1BoschEX12LED
1-inch-diameter post (3 or 6 inch length)1ThorlabsRS3/RS6
½-inch-diameter post (6 inch length)2ThorlabsTR6
    9Knuckle joint2Panavise851-00
½-inch-diameter post (2 or 3 inch length)2ThorlabsTR2/TR3
Right-angle mounts for ½-inch-diameter posts2ThorlabsRA90
Eyeblink specific
Sound attenuating behavior box1Med AssociatesENV-022S
Needle for puff delivery1B-D305143
Tubing for air-puff deliveryClippardURH1-0402-CLT
Pressure injector for air puffs1Applied Scientific InstrumentationMPPI-3
LED, tone generator, or additional pressure injector for CS1VariousVarious
  • Numbers in the first column correspond to labels in Figure 1A.