Table 2.

List of human brain subjects in this study

SubjectsDiagnosisBrain regionPMI (h)Age at time of death (years)Gender
Control 1Myocardial infarctionFrontal cortexN/A83M
Control 2Myocardial infarctionFrontal cortex863F
Control 3N/AFrontal cortex874F
Control 4Myocardial infarctionFrontal cortex271M
Control 5N/AFrontal cortex390F
Control 6N/AFrontal cortex2.875F
Control 7N/AFrontal cortex2.280M
Patient 1PDFrontal cortex1273M
Patient 2PDFrontal cortex874F
Patient 3PDFrontal cortex682M
Patient 4PDFrontal cortex2.369M
Patient 5PDFrontal cortex382F
Patient 6PDFrontal cortex3.578F
  • PMI, Postmortem interval; M, male; F, female; N/A, not available.