Table 2.

Multivariate pattern classification analysis

RegionSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Accuracy (%)p
L mid front55.5633.3366.6733.3361.1133.330.2220.955
R mid front44.4455.5655.5633.335044.440.5820.755
L sup frontal77.7822.2277.7833.3377.7827.780.00760.9874
R sup frontal66.6755.5677.7844.4472.22500.04440.597
L med orb front55.5666.6722.2222.2238.8944.440.7740.779
R med orb front44.4455.5622.2255.5633.3355.560.9480.4112
L mid orb front66.6733.3366.6733.3366.6733.330.1270.888
R mid orb front55.5666.6733.3344.4444.4455.560.7670.406
  • Accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity obtained from a multivariate pattern classification analysis, classifying subjects who were more and less reward (in the rewarded group) or feedback (in the unrewarded group) dependent. Significance estimates (p values) derived from a permutation test consisting of 5000 iterations are also shown. Abbreviations are as in Fig. 3.