Table 1.

Brain activation reflecting music pleasantnessa

RegionCluster size (voxels)Cluster p valuePeak t valuePeak p valuex, y, z (mm) coordinates
VMPFC24620.0064.517.83 × 10−5−10, 50, −12
3.973.03 × 10−440, 34, −10
3.963.13 × 10−4−8, 54, 2
  • aActivation was obtained using parametric modulation by pleasantness rating of a boxcar signal over musical playing. The table includes all regions surviving a threshold of p < 0.001 uncorrected at the voxel level and p < 0.05 after FWE whole-brain correction for multiple testing at the cluster level. The three main local maxima have been selected for each cluster. x, y, z coordinates refer to the MNI space.