Table 2.

Correlations of functional connectivity (left putamen as seed region) with age, and the spectroscopic measures from the subcortical region

CorrelationRegionkx, y, z (mm)Tp
AgeLeft thalamus1403−6, −12, 20−6.23< 0.001
Left pallidum/amygdala /hippocampus−18, −4, −10−5.9
Left putamen/pallidum−22, −8, 8−5.34
Glu/H2OLeft dorsal putamen and external capsule386−28, −6, 185.850.024
Glu/H2OLeft ventral putamen/frontal orbital cortex330−20, 18, −16−4.710.042
GABA+/GluLeft dorsal putamen and external capsule487−28, −14, 16−5.260.009
  • Results reported survived a height threshold of p < 0.001 (uncorrected) and an extent threshold of familywise error-corrected p < 0.05 at the cluster level. k, Cluster size; x, y, z (mm), peak MNI coordinates.