Table 5.

Influence of trait rating difference on candidate choice for NVMF (excluding the LOFC) patients and vmPFC/OFC (i.e., VMF group excluding the LOFC) patients, with the HC group serving as the reference

Full model [OR (95% CI)]
Group (vs HC)
NVMF (excluding LOFC cases)0.66 (0.45, 0.98)*
vmPFC/OFC (excluding LOFC cases)1.05 (0.74, 1.48)
Competence rating difference1.16 (1.09, 1.24)***
NVMF × competence rating difference1.04 (0.90, 1.22)
vmPFC/OFC × competence rating difference0.96 (0.84, 1.10)
Attractiveness rating difference1.27 (1.18, 1.37)***
NVMF × attractiveness rating difference0.94 (0.82, 1.06)
vmPFC/OFC × attractiveness rating difference0.89 (0.77, 1.02)a
Constant0.93 (0.82, 1.06)
Number of observations2 111
  • Competence and attractiveness rating differences were related significantly to candidate choice in HCs. Patients with damage to the vmPFC/OFC sparing the LOFC and patients with damage to other frontal areas sparing the LOFC were as likely as HCs to choose based on perceived competence and attractiveness, as indicated by the lack of interaction between trait rating differences and either patient group status.

  • *p < 0.05,

  • ***p < 0.001,

  • ap < 0.1.