Table 3.

Coordinates, maximum t-values (tmax), p values, and cluster size for the region of interest analysis

Isometric taskRegionHemispherexyztmaxpCluster
Wrist extension, rightPCG, hand knobL−27−28495.320.006497
PCG, lateral/ventralL−545314.900.001405
Wrist extension, leftPCG, hand knobR36−25496.170.006500
Head rotation, rightPCG, medialL−15−22493.420.001836
PCG, lateral/ventralL−54−1313.690.00730
Head rotation, leftPCG, medialR21−22523.830.002801
PCG, medialL−21−28523.940.001714
PCG, lateral/ventralR30−13463.570.00983
PCG, lateral/ventralL−572345.760.001836
  • Significant activation foci with Talairach coordinates (Talairach and Tournoux, 1988).

  • PCG, Precentral gyrus.