Table 2.

Immunohistochemical localization of MET and HGF in the adult mouse small-bowel myenteric plexus

MethodPercentage of MET+ cells that are positive for the “second marker” testedPercentage of “second marker”-positive cells that are MET+
MET + HuC/D100% of MET+ are HuC/D+34 ± 6% of HuC/D+ are MET+
MET + S100B0% of MET+ are S100B+0% of S100B+ are MET+
MET + CGRP100% of MET+ are CGRP+49.9 ± 2% of CGRP+ are MET+
MET + RET; MET + RET-EGFP 0% of MET+ are RET+0% of RET+ or EGFP+ are MET+
MET + HGF43 ± 11% of MET+ are HGF+100% of HGF+ are MET+
MET + ChAT7.6 ± 0.1% of MET + are CHAT+12.3 ± 0.1% of ChAT+ are MET+
MET + calretinin8.3 ± 2.3% of MET+ are Calretinin+16.4 ± 5.2% of calretinin+ are MET+
MET + NADPHd0% of MET are NADPHd+0% of NADPHd+ are MET+