Table 1.

Summary of MVPA results

Brain regionSideCluster sizeMNI coordinates (peak voxel)
Task–reward associations
    Left inferior parietal cortexLeft67−48−5237
    Right inferior parietal cortexRight7357−6434
    Ventral premotor cortexLeft80−42219
    Inferior parietal cortexLeft134−54−4322
    Inferior parietal cortexLeft300−45−4319
    Inferior parietal cortexRight5657−4028
    Medial cortexBilateral77366−467
    Precentral gyrusLeft305−30−1949
    Midfrontal gyrusLeft74−361443
    Superior temporal gyrusRight3160−19−5
    Anterior midfrontal gyrusRight35424713
    Anterior midfrontal gyrusLeft59−274422
    Inferior frontal gyrus, pars triangularisLeft28−30357
    Inferior frontal gyrus, operculumRight2648141
  • Results are shown for a statistical threshold of p < 0.001, corrected for multiple comparisons at the cluster level (p < 0.05). The regions shown for the task–reward association results encoded these associations before the onset of the task cue. The regions shown for the task and reward results encoded these variables after the onset of the task cue. All clusters larger than 20 voxels are reported.