Table 1.

Details of PD patients

IDAgeSexYear of diagnosisMedicationsUPDRS III DBS OFFUPDRS III DBS ON
STN158M2004Sinemet, amantadine6436
STN273M2001Madopar, rotigotine, entacapone, rasagiline2610
STN363M1994Ropinirole, amitriptyline5537
STN464M1996Sinemet, ropinirole, tolcapone, rasagiline5116
STN559M1996Madopar, Stalevo3927
STN647M2009Madopar, rotigotine, rasagiline4527
GPi158M2003Sinemet, pramipexole4133
GPi272F2002Sinemet, pramipexole2516
GPi377M2001Stalevo, selegiline3530
GPi558M1998Sinemet, Stalevo, rotigotine, amantadine1911
GPi667M2006Sinemet, Stalevo3519
GPi854M2005Madopar, amantadine, entacapone, rasagiline3025
  • Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) part III scores are with DBS on and off (patients were on their medication in both cases). Sinemet contains levodopa and carbidopa; Stalevo contains levodopa, carbidopa, and entacapone; and Madopar contains levodopa and benserazide. M, Male; F, female.