Table 1.

MRI acquisition parameters for T1-weighted structural and T2-weighted functional scans

Geometric settingsContrast settings
T1-weighted structural scan
    FOV (mm)256 × 256 × 160Scan mode3D
    Voxel size (mm)1 × 1 × 1TechniqueFFE
    Recon voxel size (mm)1Fast imaging modeTFE
    Recon matrix256Shot modeMultishot
    Slice orientationSagittalTE (ms)3.9
    No. of slices160Flip angle (°)8
TR (ms)8.5
T2-weighted functional scan
    FOV (mm)240 × 240 × 131Scan modeMS
    Voxel size (mm)3 × 3 × 3.2TechniqueFFE
    Slice thickness (mm)3.2Fast imaging modeEPI
    Recon voxel size (mm)3Shot modeSingle shot
    Recon matrix80TE (ms)28
    Slice orientationTransverseFlip angle (°)90
    No. of slices37TR (ms)2000
    Gap (mm)0.35Dynamic scans165