Table 1.

Brain regions showing RSA for encoding and retrievala

RegionSize (voxels)Peak xPeak yPeak zt-statistic
RSA between encoding and rehearsal of the same video
    Bilateral precuneus/posterior cingulate cortex4579−3−55209.2
    Left middle temporal gyrus/parahippocampal gyrus/inferior parietal lobule/hippocampus/superior temporal sulcus3747−45−5988.86
    Right superior temporal gyrus/angular gyrus/inferior parietal lobule360645−532012.33
    Right parahippocampal gyrus75735−39−67.34
    Right insula/middle frontal gyrus/white matter304399185.96
Modulation of regions showing RSA between encoding and rehearsal by the number of details subsequently recalled
    Bilateral posterior cingulate cortex/precuneus224−3−41325.72
  • aAll clusters are significant when whole-brain family-wise error was corrected for cluster size.