Table 1.

The p values for comparison of performance in ablation experiments

All onCh1 offCh2 offCh3 offCh4 offFront offBack offRight offLeft offCh1 onCh2 onCh3 on
Ch 1 off0.999
Ch 2 off0.8950.999
Ch 3 off0.1370.8030.998
Ch 4 off0.0510.6090.9851
Front off0.6920.99510.9990.999
Back off**0.0070.050*0.022
Right off*0.097*0.0110.026*0.998
Left off**0.014**0.0640.9941
Ch 1 on******0.7960.1360.040
Ch 2 on******0.027*0.1320.931
Ch 3 on******0.038*0.2410.9561
Ch 4 on******0.1190.003*0.99711
  • The p values are calculated using a multiple-comparison test. Ch, Channel.

  • *Values <0.001.