Table 3.

Activations positively correlated with noun manipulability ratings in Experiment 1

Volume (mm3)MaxTalairach coordinatesAnatomical structures
116645.9−403414LH middle frontal g, inferior frontal g
4.4−2837−6LH orbital g, s
3.9−40435LH precentral s
3.3−373138LH middle frontal g
96394.8−52−3441LH supramarginal g, postcentral s
3.8−19−5241LH intraparietal s
74795.3−46−55−3LH inferior temporal g, s, middle temporal g
4.6−34−70−9LH middle occipital g
3.2−28−49−18LH cerebellum
35914.7433714RH middle frontal g, inferior frontal g
32404.652−3747RH supramarginal g
4.455−2232RH postcentral s
17824.5−37−12LH insula
15933.4−1−792LH/RH cuneus
14853.8−1135LH/RH mid-cingulate g
  • Cluster volume, maximum z-score, Talairach coordinates of the peak voxel, and approximate brain structures are shown for each cluster. Volume, Cluster volume; Max, maximum z-score; g, gyrus; s, sulcus.